Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chinese Timeline

Chinese Contribution

The silk road was made for trading. It was connected with all of the places. All the merchants would be able to travel on the silk road. Items like: silk, jewelry, and technology. They would usually travel the all the way to end of the road and then return back. The silk road also allowed ideas to spread. The Silk Road changed the world because it allowed ideas to spread and then they made advancements. Also the trading helped other civilization survive and last longer.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life As A Nobel

Life as a noble is busy. We always have a lot to do. We also have special things we have to learn. We are the only ones who can read and write. That is a big responsibility. We watch slaves build temples. We also help our ruler collect taxes. When our army was going to battle we would lead. We would get rewards in the end. We got to wear fancy clothes. We even got nicer jeweler. We are always second in command. We are just under our ruler. People would come to us when they needed something to be read or written. So we are very important to our society.

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Pledge Against Cyberbullying

What is Cyber-bullying?
Cyber-bullying is when one person puts something bad on the internet about another person. It makes the other person feel bad and think about suicide. In the end the other person usually goes to jail. I think going to jail is not the same price for killing someone. The other person still gets to live a life while the victim is dead.

My Pledge Against Cyber-bullying
I will promise to never cyber-bully. I will not put anything bad about someone on the internet. I will not share a private message to everyone. I think this is all wrong and this shouldn't happen. I know this will hurt me, other families, and the other people.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Qur'an Book Cover Project

The Five Pillars of Faith

 The Five Pillars of Faith are things that all Muslims must follow. The first one is Shahada, which means you believe in one god (Allah). The second one is when you pray five times a day. The third one is when you give 2.5% of your money to charity. The fourth one is fasting for one month. The last one is going to the Ka'ba.

Beliefs of Qur'an

It teaches you to first of all believe in Allah. Also it contains all messages from Muhammad. The Qur'an contains messages about Allah's messages.